Just in time to spend the checks from your grandparents

Our Baseball Music page has been updated to match the new format — and, more importantly, now with Amazon.com links in addition to the iTunes links.

I also acquired a new baseball-themed radio station jingle, from WCAU in Philadelphia — it’s available for download at the top of the music page, along with all

the other baseball jingles I’ve got.

To put you in a Christmas mood

Right now, this is my nominee for the best non-Cardinals-win-the-World-Series sports story of the year. Don Carman, he of the 53-54 record and the 4.11 E.R.A. over a ten-year career, is now one of my favorite players.

Close competition is Toby’s excellent eve-of-the-World Series article about Carmi resident and former Tiger and Cardinal Bob Sykes. Toby, is that available online for me to link to anywhere?

And as we enter the holiday season, some baseball things I’m thankful for:
Jimmy Edmonds, and his new contract that makes him likely to retire a Cardinal.
Adam Wainwright’s curveball and its ability to freeze Carlos Beltran, if for no other reason than my mom’s good health. I’m not sure she would have made it had he hit the bases-clearing triple we all were clearly imagining.
Endy Chavez’s catch, and the fact that it ultimately didn’t matter
Manny Ramirez’s swing. And his hair.
Dusty Baker’s firing. Is that too mean for a holiday list?
Jackie Robinson. ‘Cause you can’t ever be too thankful for Jackie Robinson.
Rickey. GMs, he’s ready to play. Just call.
Yadier Molina’s October power surge. And his girlish smile.
Stacey’s jack-o-lanterns. 10-0 in the Fall Classic and counting.
Labor peace.
J.D. Drew’s silly, silly baserunning, and the fact that that play also involved Jeff Kent and his mustache.
The Big Unit, even though he’s a Yankee and, apparently, past his peak. Oh, that slider, and that hair.
Mike Shannon. So long as he’s broadcasting, a part of me will still be a kid.
Opening Day, and living a mile-and-a-half from a ballpark, a childhood dream unexpectedly realized.

And, finally and forever, Albert Pujols. ‘Nuff said.

I know I’m forgetting dozens. Feel free, ye millions of readers, to add your own in comments.

1 vs. David Eckstein et al.

Yes, David Eckstein was back for tonight’s “1 vs. 100.” He hadn’t missed a question as of the time the carryover contestant decided to walk with her money, so he could have returned as part of the new mob for the next contestant. But apparently he couldn’t make it to the next taping session, so through the magic of editing, his seat was suddenly occupied by Bob

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Mainly to see if my father is paying attention

Not baseball-related except that it vaguely relates to the previous entry and its video clip: here’s an old station ID from a

different Channel 44, one with which I am somewhat familiar. I’m pretty sure this ID predates Pac-Man (see, now even if you’re not my father, you have to watch the clip just to see why I would need to point that out).

Takin’ care of business

Before Channel 44 in Chicago was a Spanish-language station, it was the broadcast home of the White Sox, and clearly didn’t have as big a budget as the broadcast home of the Cubs across town. (This was edited

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from a YouTube file — a commenter on YouTube already noted the small number of people in the Comiskey Park bleachers in the shot where folks are scrambling to pick up a home run ball.)

Baseball players on game shows watch

I had a busy enough weekend that I didn’t get around to watching my TiVo recording of this until today. Look who was a member of the mob on NBC’s “1 vs. 100” on Friday night…

I think he didn’t answer a question incorrectly, so he should be in the mob again at the beginning of this Friday’s show. (His presence wasn’t acknowledged, or even shown on camera, at any point after this introduction — it’s clear the producers were under a mandate to turn this show into a faster-moving affair than it was when it first aired a couple months ago.)