R.I.P. Kirby Puckett

Not much to say that Bat-Girl doesn’t say here.

What a fun ballplayer he was to watch.

In the 1991 World Series against the Braves, with the Twins facing a Game 6 that they had to wing, Puckett told his teammates in the clubhouse, “Climb on my back, boys. I don’t know who’s going to take care of Game 7, but I got this one.”

He proceeded to single, steal a base, triple, bring in a run with a sacrifice fly, and score a run. He saved a run with a wall-crashing catch in the third.

And then, in the 11th, his home run prompted Jack Buck’s “We’ll see you tomorrow night!”

What a ballplayer.

Basebrawl, the fun version

Now, even if you didn’t enjoy Jason Varitek’s attempt to pluck out Alex Rodriguez’s eyes on Saturday, I think you’ll enjoy the brawl from last night’s White Sox/Twins game as presented by Batgirl.

What, you say? There was no brawl? Well, she thinks there should have been, after Corey Koskie was hit by pitches three times in the game. And she’s got Lego men and a digital camera, all she needs to make her own brawl.

By the way: what do you think Varitek was going to do with A-Rod’s eyes if he got them? At first I thought he was planning ahead to use the hidden ball trick, but I don’t think that would work as well with eyeballs as it did with a potato that one time.

Original comments…

Dan: I think I read Varitek was going to threaten to throw his eyes into the Tigris River unless the Yankees withdrew their club from first place.

Jason: I think he was confusing Alex Rodriguez with Bette Davis.

Just ask Kim Carnes.

Batgirl, the baseball variety

Got some time to kill on a slow Friday afternoon at the office? Stop playing Minesweeper and check out Batgirl’s site. I found it yesterday, and she sold me with this post that features a lot of great possibilities for newspaper headlines about that day’s Twins win.

She’s a Twins fan, which is probably all you need to know about the depth of her passion for baseball. Although I enjoyed the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome the one time I was there, it would take a great love of baseball for someone to spend more than a couple of the beautiful days of the Twin Cities’ short summer staring at the baggie in right field instead of having a beer at an outdoor restaurant and keeping your eyes out for Prince.

We’re talking The Human Computer and Fruit Pies kinda love. That’s the kind of love Batgirl has for the Twins.

Original comments…

Jason: Talking in the 3rd person? Is she Bob Dole’s granddaughter?

Jason wonders if she’s gone to any St. Paul Saints games. Jason would go if Jason was in the Twin Cities area.

Donna Cochener: leeeeeviiii…. when you guys do your baseball roadtrip, can you get me a Hello Kitty from each team? It’s my newest collection. I’ll pay you for the Kitties and for the pain and suffering, too. 🙂 I already have a Mariners Hello Kitty and a Dodgers Hello Kitty, so those are covered…

Levi: No.

Well, maybe.

Note my kindness getting the better of my better judgment here. I think Hello Kitty should be put on just about everything . . . except baseball trip itineraries.

stacey: donna, if levi won’t get you a hello kitty from each park, i’ll make you several slices of hello kitty toast and mail them to you.