The baseball team that made Milwaukee slightly more famous

I’m pretty sure that when one has called to order the Mastercard Grand Slam Ticket Pack, which is supposed to only be available for purchase with a Mastercard, the Brewers ticket office should not be asking the question, “American Express, Discover, Mastercard, or Visa?” at any point. I guess Mastercard hasn’t been able to cure them of their Midwestern hospitality.

Something else to worry about, if one is the worrying type: they’re mailing the tickets and concession voucher to me, and they claim they’ll show up “within a week.” Any longer than that, and I won’t get them before I leave for the trip, so I’ll have to leave careful instructions for honorary hanger-on Jason (who has a key to my mailbox) to mail or FedEx them to Chicago.

Original comments…

Levi: It’s Wisconsin. I’m sure that if we show up and explain why we don’t have our tickets, they’ll let us in.

Jim: But it’s Bud Selig’s Wisconsin, which is different than Wisconsin as you or I understand it.

stacey: even bud selig has been unable to corrupt the goodness of the city of lovely leinie’s. we’ve gotten great seats to a sold-out game (“they just opened up a new section,” the ticket man said, while eyeing bob’s county stadium floppy hat) AND had free tickets handed to us by some sweet fellow whose friends couldn’t show up at the last minute.

golly, i love milwaukee!

Jim: I forgot to mention that, when I first tried calling the Brewers’ ticket office 800 number this morning, I got an “all circuits busy” message. Five minutes later, I got right through. Either there was a sudden run on Brewers tickets at about 8:10 Pacific time this morning, or my office is using some crappy long-distance company that doesn’t have enough circuits running between L.A. and the Midwest.

thatbob: I will wear my County Stadium floppy hat AND bring my Miller Park beer bottle cozy. Might even splurge on a Fontini Sausage Race tee, hee hee.