There are Indians around, it’s Cleveland baseball

If you’re such a big fan that you’re excited about the comments, then prepare to lose control of various bodily fluids: I’ve just acquired and uploaded a new baseball-related radio station jingle, this one from WERE in Cleveland, dating back to 1961.

Incidentally, another jingle in this series starts off with the lyrics “In the 25th century, we’ll still be tuned to ‘ERE,” which was wildly optimistic, but unlike a lot of other radio stations that were around in 1961, they actually have made it into the 21st century! (Well, sort of, since they don’t seem to have a web site.) Only 395-1/2 more years to go to prove that jingle correct.

Remember, for your listening pleasure, also available here at are jingles mentioning the Giants, the Phillies, the Red Sox, the Orioles, the Yankees, the Tigers, and my favorite of the bunch, the Pirates.

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