Only the finest in baseball-related jokes

Turns out that if you have high-definition TV, the picture clarity is such that you can see pain lines and pain stars. However, it looks like it’s hard to keep the colors in balance on these old-timey woodgrain-cabinet HDTVs: the blue on the Dodgers uniform looks black, and Dodger Stadium and the denizens thereof look green. Actually, with those vertical posts visible in the stands, it looks more like Fenway Park.

In other news, please note that on May 11th, I correctly predicted that Scott Kazmir would be the Devil Rays’ sole All-Star Game representative.

Also, Ditka doesn’t look any better in HD

This evening, I saw the last four innings of the White Sox-Cubs game in high-definition. I’m still not convinced that HD offers that much of an advantage over the standard-definition picture I get via DirecTV (which has that crisp “digital” look anyway), although I guess I could have counted the blades of grass on the field if I’d been really bored.

What was really ridiculous, aside from the fact that the game ended with the winning run being walked in: the commercials on ESPN HD are in standard-definition, and movie ads are letterboxed, so when one of them is on, there’s a lot of “blank” real estate on the screen. Oh, and the score box looks a little weird because it isn’t all the way over to the left. So, in conclusion, I’m not spending several thousand dollars for a new TV. Also, I’d have to move, since there’s a tree between my current apartment and the DirecTV satellite that delivers most of their HD programming.