You know, I didn’t even mention the Fox Sports Net promo in which the burglars are ransacking a house, but stop and put all the stuff back after they spy…some Devil Rays autographed collector’s items. At the end of the spot, the burglars leave a note: “Sorry about the window.”

I’m pretty sure this is a promo used in every FSN region, with the only difference being a different team’s merchandise in the point-of-view shot. But, really, shouldn’t Fox Sports Net Florida have also re-edited it so that the note read “Sorry about the Devil Rays”?

But it’s all moot, as far as I’m concerned, now that I informed a DirecTV “entertainment consultant” of my sincere desire to not have my DirecTV bill go up by $35.00 a month after my introductory period ends. I think it’s a little creepy that they can take away channels instantly while you’re still on the phone with them (it seems to take hours, if not days, for the cable company to make changes). Kind of makes you wonder what else they can take away.

Actually, as I understand it, the MLB pay-per-view package is probably going to be free for the first week of the season, so maybe I’ll end up watching a Devil Rays regular-season game, assuming every other game being played simultaneously is in a rain delay (or snow delay) and my TiVo has failed to record any “Match Game” episodes recently.