The Yankees as a metaphor for society at large

Today’s post from Uni Watch, ostensibly about the last game at Yankee Stadium, makes some piquant points about the Yankees and how their current status is related to other things that are going on in this country, and the world. (Link almost sent straight to Levi, since I have a feeling he’ll enjoy it, but I figured I might as well post it here.)

After a hiatus, another Rays awesomeness watch

During their football games yesterday, Fox ran “lower third” promos for the upcoming baseball playoffs, naming the teams expected to be participating. And it appears that even they have finally acknowledged the presence of the Rays, even if they did list them last.

Surprisingly, the Yankees weren’t mentioned in the promo. I assume this is because Fox hasn’t yet been successful at signing up Yankees players to host Fox camera crews in their homes to watch them watch the playoffs, thus giving Fox something else to cut to between

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