The Eephus League

As seen on the Uni Watch blog: The Eephus League of Baseball Minutiae was the senior graphic design project of Auburn University student Bethany Heck. I think I can safely speak for Levi and say that this is right up the alley of both of us here at BRPA, both in terms of

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the design

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and the baseball.

The highlight is the “Shop” page, which you unfortunately can’t shop on (yet). I love all the posters using old photos from the Library of Congress collection, but if I were going to actually buy anything, it would have to be the scorekeeping pencils in a can.

The Yankees as a metaphor for society at large

Today’s post from Uni Watch, ostensibly about the last game at Yankee Stadium, makes some piquant points about the Yankees and how their current status is related to other things that are going on in this country, and the world. (Link almost sent straight to Levi, since I have a feeling he’ll enjoy it, but I figured I might as well post it here.)

In favor of stirrup socks

I realize that

I should bring Uni Watch — it’s both a blog and a column appearing biweekly-or-so on — to the attention of the readers of this blog who may not already be aware of its existence. It covers uniforms in all sports, but this being baseball season, the content is pretty baseball-heavy right now.