April 2014
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The Eephus League

As seen on the Uni Watch blog: The Eephus League of Baseball Minutiae was the senior graphic design project of Auburn University student Bethany Heck. I think I can safely speak for Levi and say that this is right up the alley of both of us here at BRPA, both in terms of
Not weeks cause [...]

Short film

Here’s about five and a half minutes of home-movie footage from an Orioles-White Sox doubleheader at Comiskey Park on August 22, 1976.

You know what’s going to happen

Watch this now before MLB realizes it exists online: the last 10 minutes or so of Game 1 of the 1988 World Series.

The good old days

I may be watching baseball on TV every Saturday night until I get high-speed Internet installed at my new apartment, or a date, or — ideally — both.

Tonight I watched the rematch of the 1959 World Series, Dodgers at White Sox, with the Sox wearing 1959 uniform replicas, and WGN showing plenty of film footage [...]

My arm hurts

There is an article in today’s L.A. Times about the 15-inning Red Sox-Angels game on June 14, 1974. The winning pitcher was Barry Raziano of the Angels, who threw two perfect innings in relief; it was his only major league victory.

But more importantly: Luis Tiant was the Sox’s sole pitcher, going 14.1 innings [...]


Thursday night, Stacey and I helped out some friends who have six-week-old twin boys, staying overnight at their 37th-floor apartment and sitting up with one of the boys. While we were there, we got to watch a wild thunderstorm over the city, the park, and the lake. It was pretty amazing–I finally got to see [...]