Should’ve been searching with Bing this whole time

A complete kinescope of the NBC telecast of Game 7 of the 1960 World Series has been found in Bing Crosby’s private vault. (“Along with several of his classic child beatings.” — J. Elvis Weinstein)

MLB Network will apparently be showing it later this year, giving it the same treatment they gave Don Larsen’s perfect game: digging up everyone who’s still alive so they can be interviewed by Bob Costas for wraparound segments.

Rolled triple 1s for Tyler Colvin

On a flight from Houston to L.A. today (saw the Astros beat the Reds Friday night), I reread The Universal Baseball Association, Inc., J. Henry Waugh, Prop..

A bat splinter puncturing the lung of a player on the basepath is definitely something from J. Henry Waugh’s Chart of Extraordinary Occurrences.

Footnote to the 2004 trip

The Hilton Pittsburgh, where we stayed during the 2004 trip, had its franchise pulled, so it’s no longer a Hilton.

At this hotel, we got to check in at about 11:30 A.M., but were given a room that hadn’t been cleaned yet (understandable), and it took several requests to the front desk before they finally got around to delivering a rollaway bed (slightly less understandable). Also, Levi was surprised to see that they sold porn — okay, Playboy “special editions” — in their gift shop. (I stayed at the Hilton LAX the night before I left for the 2010 trip, but didn’t check their gift shop. Last week, I stayed at a nice new Hilton in Asheville, NC, and they didn’t even have a gift shop.)