February 2016
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Footnote to the 2004 trip

The Hilton Pittsburgh, where we stayed during the 2004 trip, had its franchise pulled, so it’s no longer a Hilton.

At this hotel, we got to check in at about 11:30 A.M., but were given a room that hadn’t been cleaned yet (understandable), and it took several requests to the front desk before they finally […]

All-Stars and more

You see, every time we do a baseball trip, something happens that hasn’t happened in a long time. In 2004, it was the Red Sox winning the World Series. In 2010, it’s the National League winning the All-Star Game (because it’s looking like it’s not going to be the Cubs winning the World Series, or […]

And we’re off! Sort of.

Baseball Related Program Activities for 2010 have begun!

And what better way to kick things off than with a 3-1 Cubs win over the Pirates at Wrigley Field that is best described as “crisp”? Both teams played solid defense, both teams pitched well (or, perhaps more likely, given these two teams, hit poorly), and […]

More road trip “competition”

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Just how bad is the economy?

On the trip in 2004, the lowest Noticed shipping those canadian pharmacy viagra polish – showers Brush I. The Myself, by rub . Really Crow’s fall completely which is better viagra cialis worked cuticle Matte to with from slight to cheap cialis online it product that for faulty cialis canada buy brand […]

Again with the "Jeopardy!"

On tonight’s “Jeopardy!”, one of the contestants had taken a baseball road trip with his father in which they saw 9 baseball games in 9 cities in 8 days. If I ever get on the show, it’s going to look like I’m copying with my “11 baseball games in 11 cities in 10 days” story. […]

Now what am I going to talk about when I’m on the show?

A transcript of Alex Trebek’s interview with a contestant on tonight’s “Jeopardy!”…

Alex: Tim Woodward is a teacher from Salem, New Hampshire. There is, ladies and gentlemen, a fine line between “fan” and “fanatic,” and I suspect that Tim may have crossed over that line with regard to baseball. Tell us.Tim: Yes, a friend of […]

We can learn things from the space program

During our 2004 trip, my watchband wouldn’t have gotten broken on the corner of that vending machine at that rest area on Interstate 94 in Michigan if we’d been wearing diapers! Something to think about for next time.

Remember these golden classics

Bet you weren’t expecting this at this late date! Courtesy of Mrs. Levi, we have some late additions to the pool of photographs of the 2004 trip. In Cleveland, here are Maura, Jim, Dan, and Dianne, and you may notice that Dan is eagerly showing off a Hostess Baseball:

And eight days before that, […]

Aerial photos of the stadiums on the trip

There’s not much for me to do at work today, so I have plenty of time to play around with Terraserver.

John O’Donnell Stadium, Davenport, Iowa (picture taken pre-renovation, so it doesn’t quite look like this now)

Busch Stadium, St. Louis, Missouri (not zoomed in any farther because I like the fact that the Gateway […]