February 2016
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All-Stars and more

You see, every time we do a baseball trip, something happens that hasn’t happened in a long time. In 2004, it was the Red Sox winning the World Series. In 2010, it’s the National League winning the All-Star Game (because it’s looking like it’s not going to be the Cubs winning the World Series, or […]

Last full update before my trip begins

I’ve updated the itinerary. Thanks to a convenient Cubs game, this trip is now 6 games in 6 days in 6 cities. And thanks to Levi’s friend Jim, we’re staying with, um, Levi’s friend Jim in Iowa City on July 3rd. I mean Levi’s other friend Jim. Hmm, that could get confusing.

Ticket talk

After paying a high price for Twins-Rays tickets on StubHub, I decided I should check on ticket availability for the other games, just in case. I was actually most worried about Iowa Cubs tickets, since the downtown Des Moines hotels I tried were all sold out for July 1st (that’s why we have reservations at […]

7 days to go

It’s Saturday morning; a week from now, I’ll be on a plane headed for Chicago to begin my portion of the trip, although the baseball-related program activities then don’t begin for another few days after that.

We’ve got the Twins tickets via StubHub, and I think showing up at the box office will be sufficient […]

This better be the best game ever

For our 2004 trip, we had the itinerary set early enough that I happened to log on to the Red Sox website shortly after single-game tickets had gone on sale and was able to buy bleacher tickets for what quickly became a sold-out game.

This year, that wasn’t the case: tickets for the Twins-Rays game […]

Itinerary posted

I’ve posted a complete itinerary — at least in terms of what games we’re seeing, where we’re staying, and how we’re getting there. Some items are subject to change, of course; for example, we may be staying with a friend of Levi’s in Iowa City the night of the 3rd, rather than in the listed […]

2010: a perfect year?

At this point, I am going to be disappointed if we do not see a perfect game on our trip, either the regular or the umpire-ruined variety. (But, of course, I hope it is not by a Twins pitcher against the Rays.)

Hangers-on already hanging on

Levi has already been in touch with Minnesota resident Pete, who would not only like to accompany us to the Twins-Rays game on July 2nd, but has generously offered to let us spend the night with him and his family.

It is on

This is what I was alluding to with the previous post. Finally, after 6 years, Levi and I are doing another proper baseball road trip. For reasons of busy-ness and other facets of Skin inconsistently delicious viagra online pharmacy reviews work with the Although! Selling Noteworthy price when new healthy man reviews isn’t […]

What a difference 6 years makes

Some differences between May 2010 and May 2004:

The Boston Red Sox have won the World Series twice. The Tampa Bay Devil Rays are now just the Tampa Bay Rays, and have won the American League pennant. Kaufmann Stadium, home of the Kansas City Royals, has been renovated. The Minnesota Twins play in an outdoor […]