February 2016
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And we’re off! Sort of.

Baseball Related Program Activities for 2010 have begun!

And what better way to kick things off than with a 3-1 Cubs win over the Pirates at Wrigley Field that is best described as “crisp”? Both teams played solid defense, both teams pitched well (or, perhaps more likely, given these two teams, hit poorly), and […]

Another day, another Rays win

Sorry, I have no overheard cute conversations during the Angels-Rays game yesterday afternoon. A 40-something couple in the row in front of me left in the middle of the 9th inning with their team down by only one run, which I can’t understand. Also, I spent $17.25 total for a smallish cheesesteak sandwich and a […]

Another Washington scandal

Senatorial staff members ordered a cake for a ceremony honoring Bobby Cox’s 50 years in baseball. The order was placed by phone, apparently. If you’re a fan of Cake Wrecks, there’s a lot to like about the cake — it’s pretty horrible even aside from the misspelling.

A definite Blue Jays difference

From the blog Torontoist, here is […]

Opening Day and hot dogs

For years, at two different employers, I had a Tuesday-through-Saturday work week. One of the few times I miss that schedule is on Opening Day Monday, when the MLB Extra Innings package is free on DirecTV, and it is thus possible to watch local baseball coverage all day. At least I get home from work […]

Baseball HD chili

“HD” stands for “Highly Delicious” (or, perhaps, “Holycow, Dodgers!”).

In retrospect, Levi and I saw this coming at Wrigley Field on September 2nd, when we saw the Astros beat the Cubs 9-7 in 11 innings — a game which obviously impressed neither of us enough to write about it on this blog. (Also, that […]

Rays awesomeness watch: bring on the pizza!

Sports by Brooks reports that a pizza place in Denver is offering “free pizza for the world” if the Rays win the World Series.

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All I can eat

I went to Dodger Stadium tonight with a big group from my office. Our seats were in the right field pavilion, which happens to be the all-you-can-eat section. What that means is that some of the food is free — hot dogs, nachos, peanuts, popcorn, and Coke, as served by concession stands that have […]

You can’t beat a pizza at the old ballpark

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Hope you like Dodger Dogs — a lot of Dodger Dogs

The right-field bleachers at Dodger Stadium are going all-you-can-eat this season. So advance tickets there are $35, while the left-field bleachers are still $8 — even with the concession stand prices, $27 worth is a lot of food, especially with the lack of menu options.