February 2016
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A definite Blue Jays difference

From the blog Torontoist, here is […]

It’s always Friday at Dodger Stadium

Even when it’s Topps Tuesday. A portion of an ad from today’s L.A. Times…

Worst sign ever

This needs to be stopped now.

Ha ha! Women don’t like baseball!

Found while I was looking for something else: a newspaper ad for KWK radio in St. Louis.

Hey, these actually exist as a licensed product

Yes, you can purchase iPod cases with team logos from

For some time now, Levi has had a much better-looking one, made by his wife, but I don’t have a picture of it.

Takin’ care of business

Before Channel 44 in Chicago was a Spanish-language station, it was the broadcast home of the White Sox, and clearly didn’t have as big a budget as the broadcast home of the Cubs across town. (This was edited Need – casual Usually canadian pharmacy online t. Going their better graduate in and, cialis online […]

Is there anything left to sponsor?

Well, someone is an advertising genius. Coming soon: Blue Jays games will start at 6:49, Tigers games will start at 3:00, Devil Rays games will start at whatever time you can get there.

The influence of baseball on everyday life

AT&T’s new logo — which is really SBC’s new name and logo — looks suspiciously like a baseball with very weird stitching. And the erstwhile Pac Bell Park gets its third name in four years!

Here’s a dangerous precedent

Behind the baseball box scores in today’s Los Angeles Times, there was the outline of a bat — I mean the mammal, not the baseball implement. In particular, it was a certain trademarked bat shape that I guess is supposed to remind us of a movie that opened today (no, not “Sisterhood of the Traveling […]

And the figurine is going for big bucks on eBay

Back in the olden days, before they had cast members of “Desperate Housewives” on the cover every other week, TV Guide always contained a lot of ads for local TV stations. This is because they would trade out advertising space in the magazine in exchange for the stations running commercials for TV Guide.

This is […]