February 2016
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Another Washington scandal

Senatorial staff members ordered a cake for a ceremony honoring Bobby Cox’s 50 years in baseball. The order was placed by phone, apparently. If you’re a fan of Cake Wrecks, there’s a lot to like about the cake — it’s pretty horrible even aside from the misspelling.

He’s freaking named after a tool of the game–you’d think he’d understand it better!

One of Mitt Romney’s aides badly needs to give him a crash course in baseball.

A few weeks ago, Romney, in attempting to explain a fib that was unusually slimy even for him, he talked about how he saw the Patriots win the World Series. Confident as I am that love of America beats strong […]

Hooray! The animated baseball has been indicted!

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Congratulations, George Bush!

With the sale of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and the subsequent firing of the only general manager in the team’s history, Chuck LaMar–he of the .400 winning percentage over the team’s 8 seasons–the field has been cleared for the Bush administration to take sole possession of first place in the “least accountable organization” standings.



Well, we’ve found out what it takes to get Congressmen pissed off about being lied to under oath these days: .289/.371/.516, with 569 home runs, 1834 RBI, and 3018 hits. The chair of the House Committee on Government Reform, Tom Davis III, has asked for information from MLB about Rafael Palmeiro’s positive steroids test. The […]

Bonds and Steroids

Given the illegal leaks from the trial last month of that shady character Barry Bonds and Jason Giambi were hanging out with, it’s become more difficult to believe that Bonds has not used steroids. I remain in the innocent until proven guilty camp (a camp that, along with great s’mores, boasts the absence of both […]

Another potential benefit to the Red Sox win

This is an Associated Press photo of Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney removing a sign in Boston that is supposed to read “REVERSE CURVE,” but has often been graffitied to read “REVERSE THE CURSE,” and which has on this occasion been graffitied with a slightly different message…

According to the AP’s caption, the sign has […]

Call this an omen

When my alarm went off just now, the first three words I heard were the last three words of a news story: “…in Davenport, Iowa.” My first thought was, “If KFWB was going to do a story on our road trip, why didn’t they call me?” But really, I assume they were talking about the […]

Good day, bad mom

Any day that the Cardinals and Cubs both have off is a bad day. Not as bad as a day when the Cardinals lose, but pretty lousy.

In part to make up for those teams having an off-day yesterday, I sneaked out of work at noon with my coworker, Peter, an Angels fan, to go […]

Last word on the flag flap

On Saturday morning, Bush signed an order raising flags back to full staff in advance of Independence Day. So we were only officially mourning Reagan for 27 or 28 days. Some of the flags around here are still at half-staff, so either they didn’t read the “brief” in Saturday’s paper, or there was a separate […]