Congratulations, George Bush!

With the sale of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and the subsequent firing of the only general manager in the team’s history, Chuck LaMar–he of the .400 winning percentage over the team’s 8 seasons–the field has been cleared for the Bush administration to take sole possession of first place in the “least accountable organization” standings.

Manifest failure? Sickening incompetence? Take a bow, Donald Rumsfeld. Smile while you’re picking up your consulting check, Brownie. If you worked for anyone else–even the new and improved Tampa Bay Devil Rays–you’d be out of a job. As someone more clever than I put it, “Not only does the buck not stop there–it doesn’t even slow down!” Well, it’s finally landed, for the Devil Rays, at least.

Next step for the Devil Rays: setting some goals. Any kind of goals.

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