What Is and What Should Never Be

Note to headline writers and creators of Fox graphics:

A word or phrase that sounds like a different word or phrase is not necessarily a pun. A pun must involve some play on both the sound and the meaning of a word or phrase.

For example, titling a graphic describing, say, David Eckstein’s postseason hitting prowess “Eck-Ray Vision” is utterly inappropriate, unless he’s managed his postseason hitting prowess with rays from his eyes or some such nonsense, which he hasn’t.

So stop it. Stop it stop it stop it.

That is all.

Things that make Jim scream

At 9:33 P.M. Eastern time, Scooter explains that a 12-6 curveball is a curveball that changed its name after a cease-and-desist letter from the 7-Eleven Corporation. Steve Lyons jokes that Scooter would never have been allowed to play for Bob Brenly looking the way he does, round around his midsection and with his cap on backwards. Then Thom Brennaman says that won’t be an issue, because “just announced before the LCS, Scooter signed a lifetime contract with Fox.”