1 vs. David Eckstein et al.

Yes, David Eckstein was back for tonight’s “1 vs. 100.” He hadn’t missed a question as of the time the carryover contestant decided to walk with her money, so he could have returned as part of the new mob for the next contestant. But apparently he couldn’t make it to the next taping session, so through the magic of editing, his seat was suddenly occupied by Bob

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Baseball players on game shows watch

I had a busy enough weekend that I didn’t get around to watching my TiVo recording of this until today. Look who was a member of the mob on NBC’s “1 vs. 100” on Friday night…

I think he didn’t answer a question incorrectly, so he should be in the mob again at the beginning of this Friday’s show. (His presence wasn’t acknowledged, or even shown on camera, at any point after this introduction — it’s clear the producers were under a mandate to turn this show into a faster-moving affair than it was when it first aired a couple months ago.)

Thank god for 13th-round draft picks, or, Barbara, don’t pack up your bag just yet!

Well, well, well.

1) That was a nice reminder that what we’re all seeing every time Pujols plays is a Hall-of-Fame career in the making. Cardinals fans are extremely lucky to have him, and we ought to appreciate it with every at-bat.

2) Even were the Cardinals to go on and get trounced tomorrow night, Pujols (and, to give credit properly, Eckstein and Edmonds, who had tough at-bats before him) at least took what had been a frustrating, disappointing series and gave us something we’ll remember for a long time.

3) My brother’s two concerns post-game? He was hoping the construction guys hadn’t started the wrecking ball back in the 7th for Busch Stadium. (Fox had, as their highlight reel of Busch over the years demonstrated.) Second, he wanted to know if Fox had reconsidered their choice of Lance Berkman as Chevrolet Player of the Game–chosen, as usual, in like the second inning.

4) In the 9th, with one out, Barbara Bush–visible all game as a little Boglin head perched just above the railing behind home–started packing up her bag. “Why,” she probably thought, “would I want to sully my beautiful mind with thoughts of Brad Lidge blowing this game?”

What Is and What Should Never Be

Note to headline writers and creators of Fox graphics:

A word or phrase that sounds like a different word or phrase is not necessarily a pun. A pun must involve some play on both the sound and the meaning of a word or phrase.

For example, titling a graphic describing, say, David Eckstein’s postseason hitting prowess “Eck-Ray Vision” is utterly inappropriate, unless he’s managed his postseason hitting prowess with rays from his eyes or some such nonsense, which he hasn’t.

So stop it. Stop it stop it stop it.

That is all.