My first game of 2006

Yes, Dodger Stadium has new seats this season, in lovely pastel colors which really do look like they’re from 1962. They also renumbered the seats, so that instead of having aisle numbers, with seats starting at “1” on one side and “101” on the other side, the reserved level now has section numbers like a normal stadium. (Things were even weirder on the field and loge levels, with one row letter covering two rows, one with seat numbers increasing and the other with seat numbers decreasing — presumably,

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that situation has been dealt with as well.)

Yes, quite a few Chicagoites will show up at Dodger Stadium when the Cubs are in town, wearing the world’s cutest baseball cap…

Someone near us had a radio, so I know that Vin Scully described 6-foot-7 Cubs pitcher Sean Marshall as “a tall drink of water”…

This game had something for everyone, from bone-jarring collisions to wildly errant throws. Best of all, though, is the fact that the Dodger Stadium music selection committee has provided the world with a new, particularly appropriate song to play for bases on balls: Tegan and Sara’s “Walking with a Ghost,” in the form of the White Stripes’ cover version. Why is it particularly appropriate? Because walks haunt.

Fan reaction

At last night’s Cubs game, the notoriously impatient Corey Patterson received a loud outburst of cheering and applause from Section 528 when he took a ball on the first pitch, something very few of us had ever seen him do.

Later in that at-bat, though, when he swung and missed at a terrible curveball out of the strike zone, he got roundly booed by the same large group.

But he righted the balance on the Corey-o-Meter later by receiving a standing ovation from our section for taking a walk.

As the scoreboard graphic of a phantom gliding down to first at the Metrodome will tell you, “Walks will haunt.” If only the Cubs–who seem to understand it on the pitching side–could realize that they are capable of doing some haunting themselves.

Or, for the sake of my Cardinals, maybe it’s best that they don’t.