I’ve gone through two of the nine CDs from the grab bag, and already have two baseball-related jingles…

From 1973:

WFIL, the Phillies

And from some indeterminate time in the ’70s:

WBAL, sounds like Baltimore sports
(7-second instrumental bed)
WBAL and the Orioles
(7-second instrumental bed)
WBAL, sounds like Baltimore sports

Unfortunately, neither of these is anywhere near as good as the awesome KDKA “World Champion Pirates” jingle I have, which Levi has already heard. There is, however, a 1974 series of jingles for WMAL in Washington based on the bizarre theme “we’re living in a city of song”; their longtime slogan was “where all is said and done,” so one of these jingles calls them “the saying and doing station.”

(P.S.: In case you’re curious after looking at their web site, yes, WFIL has a slightly different format now than they did back in 1973.)

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  1. I was PD at WKNE in Keene, NH in the early ’80s and adapted the WBAL jingle to use for Red Sox broadcasts. The jingle package was TM’s Sounds Like package, based on the theme (station) sounds like (city).

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