Another baseball jingle

From back when NBC was a class operation (1968), here’s the jingle they used on their weekend “Monitor” radio block when it was time to give the baseball

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Just in time to spend the checks from your grandparents

Our Baseball Music page has been updated to match the new format — and, more importantly, now with links in addition to the iTunes links.

I also acquired a new baseball-themed radio station jingle, from WCAU in Philadelphia — it’s available for download at the top of the music page, along with all

the other baseball jingles I’ve got.

The jingle Levi’s been waiting for (maybe)

This is from KWK radio in St. Louis in the late 1950s or early 1960s, and you

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can be the judge of whether they were thinking baseball, football, or both.

Opening Day 1994 seems like such a long time ago

Hanger-on Dan just sent out an e-mail with the subject line “News of earth-shaking impact” that turned out to contain a link to an news story and the words “Prepare to be a Reds fan.” Now, I don’t have an especially fast connection, and I was using much of the speed I do have to download clips of the new Australian version of “Family Feud,” so after I clicked on the link in Dan’s e-mail, it took quite a while to load. I pondered — what could it be? What could it be?

It was better than I could have imagined, especially if Tuffy makes the team (and I like Quinton McCracken, too, but he’s no Tuffy).

Incidentally, you may note that Channel Nine in Australia appears to be using the slogan “Still the One.” This was the slogan of the ABC network in the U.S. way back in the late 1970s, tied to the then-reasonably-current song of the same name by the band Orleans. Wow, things take a long time to get to Australia!

Jingle bells — you know, ho ho ho and mistletoe and presents to pretty girls

A new acquisition for the baseball-related radio station jingle collection: this one, from WBLG in Lexington, Kentucky (which now has different call letters and an ugly web site that hasn’t been updated in months). I don’t think this was a Reds network-wide jingle campaign; I think this particular affiliate had it done on their own. I believe it’s from about 1976 or 1977, which would make the lyric particularly apt.

There are Indians around, it’s Cleveland baseball

If you’re such a big fan that you’re excited about the comments, then prepare to lose control of various bodily fluids: I’ve just acquired and uploaded a new baseball-related radio station jingle, this one from WERE in Cleveland, dating back to 1961.

Incidentally, another jingle in this series starts off with the lyrics “In the 25th century, we’ll still be tuned to ‘ERE,” which was wildly optimistic, but unlike a lot of other radio stations that were around in 1961, they actually have made it into the 21st century! (Well, sort of, since they don’t seem to have a web site.) Only 395-1/2 more years to go to prove that jingle correct.

Remember, for your listening pleasure, also available here at are jingles mentioning the Giants, the Phillies, the Red Sox, the Orioles, the Yankees, the Tigers, and my favorite of the bunch, the Pirates.

Here we go. From WCOL in Columbus, Ohio, circa 1963:

1230’s doubleheader
(15-second instrumental bed)

And a pair of jingles from 1970, from a no-longer-in-existence Washington, D.C., station:

Double play, WEAM

Triple play, WEAM

True, they’re not directly related to baseball, but they are more grist for my upcoming thesis “An All-American Pick Hit: Baseball Imagery in PAMS Radio Jingles, 1958-1975.”

I’ve gone through two of the nine CDs from the grab bag, and already have two baseball-related jingles…

From 1973:

WFIL, the Phillies

And from some indeterminate time in the ’70s:

WBAL, sounds like Baltimore sports
(7-second instrumental bed)
WBAL and the Orioles
(7-second instrumental bed)
WBAL, sounds like Baltimore sports

Unfortunately, neither of these is anywhere near as good as the awesome KDKA “World Champion Pirates” jingle I have, which Levi has already heard. There is, however, a 1974 series of jingles for WMAL in Washington based on the bizarre theme “we’re living in a city of song”; their longtime slogan was “where all is said and done,” so one of these jingles calls them “the saying and doing station.”

(P.S.: In case you’re curious after looking at their web site, yes, WFIL has a slightly different format now than they did back in 1973.)

Black water, keep on rolling

I’m not sure if I’m going to have room on my iPod for any additional Johnny Cash songs beyond the handful I have (“Ring of Fire,” “Folsom Prison Blues,” and a couple others). This purveyor of radio station jingles has a special this month: a “grab bag” of nine random CDs for $99, which was a deal I couldn’t pass up, since those CDs are normally priced at $39(!). It won’t be such a good deal if I end up with duplicates of CDs of theirs that I already own, but still…

Anyway, the comments should be functioning properly now, thanks to some remote troubleshooting by Sandy. We lost one comment in the process, unfortunately, so perhaps the person who posted said comment would like to repost her words of wisdom.

Original comments…

Dan: If you don’t want Cash overload, yet still want to appease Levi, just bring along the Waco Brothers’ fine cover of Big River — it’s on Cowboy in Flames, which you should own, anyway.

Go Mets!


Jim: Yeah, there’s a lot of music I should own but don’t. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be able to drink that much Pepsi between now and April 30th.