This blog has moved, and yet, it hasn’t

Because Blogger is soon dropping support for publishing blogs via FTP — which is what we’d been doing this whole time — I switched to WordPress.  It was a ridiculous process that involved temporarily moving the blog to a address, then back to after WordPress had been freshly installed.  I fear some comments didn’t get successfully transferred over, and I had to manually change all of Levi’s posts to show him as author.

There was also an automatically-generated Blogger message that “this blog has moved.”  Ignore whatever it said the new feed was; this is the correct location.  (Also, if you actually go to, you’ll see that it’s currently using the default WordPress theme, and you can’t get to any of our ancillary content, such as the pages about the 2004 trip.  That’ll change as soon as I have a chance to work on it.)

I can’t speak for Levi, but I do intend to attempt to post more often during the 2010 baseball season than in the past couple of seasons.

When it says baseball, baseball, baseball on the label, label, label

I’ve taken advantage of some downtime at work and gone back through the history of to add labels (or, as the kids call them, “tags”) to all the posts. Now you can easily read all the posts here that contain some content related to Johnny Damon — including this one!

Only eight days until Levi and I see a baseball game together for the first time since the trip in August 2004.

How ya like me now?

I’m sure there’s a way in CSS to create a page with a left-hand column that’s fixed-width and a right-hand column that isn’t, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it by modifying this particular Blogger template.

So instead I moved the graphic elements around. Now the left-hand column shouldn’t disappear down to the bottom unless your window is seriously narrow or your resolution is seriously huge, in which case you’ve got bigger problems than trying to find the link to the list of all the major league baseball games I’ve seen.

The bold new look of

I was getting a little tired of the page design — in particular, the mishmash of archive links at the bottom. (I wish the archive links list could be set to display the most recent month first, but that doesn’t seem to be a Blogger option.)

We’re also now an associate, in addition to being an iTunes affiliate. The page listing baseball songs will

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be updated soon — actually, all the non-blog pages will, in order to match the new look. Rest assured that any money made from Amazon will be, of course, put towards baseball-related program activities.

Things are easy when you’re big in Japan

As I’ve been going through the archives of this blog putting the old comments into the actual posts (almost done, but not quite), I was reminded of a few things. Spider-Man and Dr. Octopus bringing their fight to, for example. Jason’s strange obsession with Calista Flockhart eating hot dogs. Oh, and back in March of 2004, I had expressed dismay that a certain page on was unavailable for sponsorship at that time.

I immediately checked its current status, and, well, is now sponsoring’s Tuffy Rhodes page.

Commentators ahoy!

Okay, I have now switched things over to the Blogger comment system, so your ability to comment on posts here should be back for good. Unfortunately, for reasons known only to Blogger, it looks like the oldest posts — May 9, 2004, and before — don’t have comment-ability.

I am now going to attempt to put the comments from the old system into every post, which is going to be ridiculously tedious. And I do it all for you.

Just one more

All good readers (and writers) are going to and casting their ballots for Carl Crawford of the Devil Rays in the last roster spot in the All-Star Game, yes? Sure, he’s no Rocco Baldelli, but then, who is?

In other news, it seems the comments aren’t working again, thus making me look like an idiot after I made that post a few days ago. I may have to invoke the nuclear option — actually, it’ll be more of a smart bomb — this weekend.

And I’m a genius, genius

Comments are working again, thanks to me!

Well, not that I did anything myself that would have caused them to start working again — but I didn’t do anything to break them beyond repair when I was trying to figure out what was going on, and that can often be more important. It’s still a mystery to me why they stopped working, and now it’s even more of a mystery why they started working again just now. My best guess is that the host of this site, Dreamhost, twice made some behind-the-scenes changes to their PHP configuration. But I know nothing about PHP.

Anyway, in actual baseball-related news, the DirecTV e-mail newsletter that I got this morning says they’ll be having another free preview of the Extra Innings package from July 14th to 18th, so perhaps I’ll check in on some teams I don’t get to see often, such as my beloved Devil Rays, or perhaps a good team like Levi’s beloved Cardinals.

Kids these days, with their video games and hula hoops

Levi’s wife Stacey called this to my attention via on July 16th, the first two innings of a minor-league game between the Schaumburg Flyers and Kansas City T-Bones will be played on an X-Box and projected on the stadium’s video board. (Sorry, I think you may have to register to read that article on the Kansas City Star’s site. But I’ve pretty much given you the gist of it.)

Incidentally, I know from the logs that Levi hasn’t been visiting very often, and he obviously hasn’t been posting as much as he did last year — it could be he’s busy at work, it could be there’s not much to excite him because we’re not doing a trip this year, or it could be that he doesn’t have much to say about his beloved Cardinals because they’ve been winning all the time and will probably win the NL Central in a walk because every other team in the division is hapless, and therefore the Cardinals are downright boring. Or maybe it’s because the comments are still broken — sorry, but I’m waiting to deal with it until I get DSL installed at my not-quite-so-new apartment, which I can’t do until SBC’s computer system decides I have an account history.

Original comments…

Levi: It’s primarily because I’ve been busier at work.

And the missing comments do take a lot of the fun out of it.

But I’m trying to make a point to visit more often and post reliably, because I miss it.