This blog has moved, and yet, it hasn’t

Because Blogger is soon dropping support for publishing blogs via FTP — which is what we’d been doing this whole time — I switched to WordPress.  It was a ridiculous process that involved temporarily moving the blog to a address, then back to after WordPress had been freshly installed.  I fear some comments didn’t get successfully transferred over, and I had to manually change all of Levi’s posts to show him as author.

There was also an automatically-generated Blogger message that “this blog has moved.”  Ignore whatever it said the new feed was; this is the correct location.  (Also, if you actually go to, you’ll see that it’s currently using the default WordPress theme, and you can’t get to any of our ancillary content, such as the pages about the 2004 trip.  That’ll change as soon as I have a chance to work on it.)

I can’t speak for Levi, but I do intend to attempt to post more often during the 2010 baseball season than in the past couple of seasons.

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