Kids these days, with their video games and hula hoops

Levi’s wife Stacey called this to my attention via on July 16th, the first two innings of a minor-league game between the Schaumburg Flyers and Kansas City T-Bones will be played on an X-Box and projected on the stadium’s video board. (Sorry, I think you may have to register to read that article on the Kansas City Star’s site. But I’ve pretty much given you the gist of it.)

Incidentally, I know from the logs that Levi hasn’t been visiting very often, and he obviously hasn’t been posting as much as he did last year — it could be he’s busy at work, it could be there’s not much to excite him because we’re not doing a trip this year, or it could be that he doesn’t have much to say about his beloved Cardinals because they’ve been winning all the time and will probably win the NL Central in a walk because every other team in the division is hapless, and therefore the Cardinals are downright boring. Or maybe it’s because the comments are still broken — sorry, but I’m waiting to deal with it until I get DSL installed at my not-quite-so-new apartment, which I can’t do until SBC’s computer system decides I have an account history.

Original comments…

Levi: It’s primarily because I’ve been busier at work.

And the missing comments do take a lot of the fun out of it.

But I’m trying to make a point to visit more often and post reliably, because I miss it.

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