Comment allez-vous?

Hmm, the comments aren’t working. I know the files are on the server, they’re just not showing up correctly on the pages. I wonder if the hosting company upgraded PHP versions and broke the comments that way.

New comments have always been automatically e-mailed to me, and that’s still working (I just tested), so I’ll still be able to read your words of wisdom — and everyone else will once I fix whatever’s screwed up. Unfortunately, I won’t really have time to deal with this for a while (maybe as much as a few weeks).

Baseball-related souvenir

I recently took advantage of Apple’s price drop to buy a new 60-gigabyte iPod Photo, and to partially finance that purchase, I have just put my old 30-gigabyte 3rd-generation iPod up for sale on eBay. Maybe “old” isn’t quite the right word, since it was purchased new at the end of June 2003, but I guess 21 months is practically an eternity in iPod terms.

This is one of the iPods that accompanied me and Levi on the trip last August, which means it spent a significant amount of time in the glove compartment of a nearly-brand-new 2005 Chevrolet Impala — how many iPods can say that? Why, it’s been to such far-flung locales as Montreal, Tampa, and the Charles Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, California. It’s even been listened to on board Amtrak trains!

Anyway, it’s still working great, as I attempted to explain in the auction description, and I managed to save the entire boatload of accessories and the box, so those are included as well. If you’re the winning bidder, and you let me know you heard about this auction here on, you’ll get free shipping and insurance if you’re in the United States, and a discount on the shipping and insurance if you’re anywhere else in the world.

(And a note that perhaps only Levi will understand: you may remember the 30-gig iPod was named North & Clybourn, so to keep the naming scheme, I had to pick a larger locale to name the new 60-gig iPod after. It’s named Clark & Lake.)

Original comments:

stacey: did you ever have a 5 gig iPod? was it named jarvis?

Jim: Jarvis would be more of a 20GB iPod. 5 gigs would have to be Isabella, I think.

Levi: So how much did you get for it?

Jim: I don’t know yet. The winning bidder sent me an apologetic e-mail an hour after the auction ended, saying he didn’t have enough money to cover his bid. I’ve sent out Second Chance offers to the top non-winners, which means they get a “Buy It Now” opportunity at their bid price. If none of them accept the Second Chance offer, I’m going to relist it, but that won’t happen until at least next Saturday, because you have to wait 7 days before filing a “non-paying bidder” report to get your eBay fees refunded. (Because of the quickness and apologeticness, I’m going to file a report that said we mutually agreed the transaction wouldn’t happen, so the winner won’t get any strikes on his eBay record. I’ve already sent him an e-mail explaining that, and giving him the friendly advice that not all eBay sellers will be that nice.)

Levi: Man. That sucks. I understand being surprised you end up paying as much as you do–having thought, say, that you surely wouldn’t reach your maximum bid. I can imagine some regret. But I can’t quite imagine not having at least counted the pennies beforehand, just in case.

A great trip deserves a second look

Since the trip is now officially last year, I figured it was about time to put it into the archives, so to speak.

I went back to the original posts about the trip and edited them into a full trip report, including the photos and even some of the comments. I also wrote a page on which I discuss some of the planning that went into the trip. The best news for people who want to read about the trip is that you don’t have to start at the “bottom” and work up; now that it’s not in blog form, it reads normally. The link to the narrative is also at the top of this page.

Don’t worry, I didn’t delete the original posts. They’re still in the blog archives (scroll down to the bottom of this page and select “August 2004” or “September 2004”).

Original comments…

Jason: A fine read. So, how many ballparks remain that you yet have to visit?

Jim: There are now 13 major league ballparks I haven’t been to (counting RFK Stadium in Washington). Any interest in a long weekend trip to Phoenix and Denver at some point this year?

Jason: Sure. Any interest in checking out a whole bunch of minor league games in California next year?

Jason: And I just noticed the new title of the site. Funny!

Jim: Re the previous comment, for posterity: this blog was briefly named “Baseball-Related Program Activities of Anaheim.” (I almost named it “Los Angeles Baseball-Related Program Activites of Anaheim,” but decided that was just a little too ridiculous. Maybe that’s why I’m not a baseball team owner!)

thatbob: Why schedule a long weekend roadtrip to Phoenix later this year when it might be easier to include it in a Baseball Related Programing Activities West Coast Road Trip 2005. After all, it’s only a 5.5 hour drive from San Diego, but a whole 7(!) hours from Los Angeles!

We do it (baseb)all for you

Over on the Baseball Songs page, all of the songs that are available via the iTunes Music Store now have direct links to the iTMS. So now you have no excuse for not adding some baseball-related music to your collection…what, you can’t afford 99 cents?

Original comments…

Jon Solomon: How long did it take you to get your iTunes Affiliate Program application approved? I am eager to add similar links to the MPGR site.

Jim: I got the approval in less than 24 hours.

You can add links without being an affiliate, although then you don’t get the affiliate money when someone clicks on them…here’s the link to the iTunes Link Maker.

thatbob: So I guess this is your disclosure of commercial interest. Thanks. Were AAA, MLB, and Motel 6 paying you, too?

Jim: I already disclosed the monetary rewards, way back on September 6th when became an affiliate. I wish those entities had been paying us! Actually, we didn’t stay at Motel 6, so they would have to have been paying us not to stay there.

Jon Solomon: I got my approval. Very nice.

The sound of baseball

Thanks to Jon Solomon, everyone who wasn’t listening to WPRB Radio on August 27 can now enjoy a small portion of Levi and Jim talking baseball on Maura’s radio show. (Caution: This is a fairly large MP3 file, about 8 MB.) Sorry, no complete songs, because I don’t want to get in trouble with the RIAA, or the MPAA, or the CIA, or the AAA. There’s also a link to it on the Baseball Songs page.

I should point out that Jon actually sent me the audio file very quickly, so it’s all my fault that it took until now for it to be posted.

Original comments…

Jon Solomon: The following photograph is from the trip Maura and I took to the Phillies game on Friday night:

nice. face.

Dan: As I told Maura when she showed me that picture, I hope you guys didn’t let him anywhere near your arm.

Also, little-known fact: Dallas Green and I share the same dentist (well, the same dentist he had when he was in NY 10 years ago, at least. I assume he doesn’t travel to see Dr. Kohn like I do).

Jason: Wow, it was just like listening to the good ol’ days of WNUR at 3 in the morning.

Even more pictures

I’ve added three photos, taken with my Aunt Nancy with her camera, to the Philadelphia pictures post. Funny how I’m in all three of them (and she’s not in any of them, so there’s no evidence of her actually having been at the game with us).

Also, it turns out (from looking closely at one of them) that one of the vital statistics was wrong; I had forgotten that Citizens Bank Park serves Coca-Cola for washing down your Schmitter, so they join St. Louis, Toronto, Montreal, and Boston on the list of stadiums that dispense Coke.

Can’t get enough music?

Surprisingly (because I didn’t think we got quite enough traffic for Apple to care about us), is now an iTunes affiliate. So if you’re going to buy and download some songs, why not first click on the link at the bottom of this page, or the one at the top of the Baseball Songs page? Unfortunately, they don’t seem to have a way to link to specific tracks and get the affiliate credit (at least not yet), or I would have done that on the songs page. The other problem is that iTunes doesn’t have the two “Baseball’s Greatest Hits” CDs.

If we actually make any money from this, rest assured it will go towards retroactively paying for all those Hostess Baseballs we ate.

Original comments…

maura: the radio show playlist is here:

More honorary hangers-on, and the July stats

Jason, Jenn, and Cat came over to my place today to watch Greg Maddux go for his 300th win, mainly because Cat is a big Greg Maddux fan who is bereft of WGN. In a secret ceremony involving Hostess Baseballs, I named them honorary hangers-on for the trip, especially if Cat ever remembers to visit this web site.

Now, here’s what happened here in July: the most visits came on Monday, July 12th, with July 13th right behind. Clearly, everyone was very interested in my Yankee Stadium pictures. The lightest day was July 17th, a Saturday. The busiest day of the week was Friday, although that’s skewed by the fact that there were five Fridays (and Thursdays) in July, and only four of the other weekdays.

The most popular hour was, once again, the hour Levi gets to work (that’s what it says on the statistics page now). The most “foreign” visitors came from .au (Australia). was the domain with the most visits. (me at home) would have beat it slightly, although it’s likely that I wasn’t the only visitor coming through

Interesting searches from the past month: “mcsweeney’s fantasy baseball,” “dierdre pujols,” “all star game burned out bulbs,” “chip carey quotes,” and “jeremy sumpter in foul ball.”

Original comments…

maura: there weren’t many visits?

maura: maybe i’m just not aware that i now have a job where i am actually (shock horror!) BUSY AT WORK.

Jim: Does perhaps get its Internet connectivity from Verizon? That’s the only New York-looking thing that shows up as having been a frequent visitor.

Quinton McCracken strikes again!

I don’t like to post these on a regular basis because I don’t want to screw up future results…but yesterday someone found this page by searching for “baseball related things that start with the letter Q.”

Original comments…

Jim: Hooray for whoever searched for “baseball related things that start with Levi and Jim.”