The sound of baseball

Thanks to Jon Solomon, everyone who wasn’t listening to WPRB Radio on August 27 can now enjoy a small portion of Levi and Jim talking baseball on Maura’s radio show. (Caution: This is a fairly large MP3 file, about 8 MB.) Sorry, no complete songs, because I don’t want to get in trouble with the RIAA, or the MPAA, or the CIA, or the AAA. There’s also a link to it on the Baseball Songs page.

I should point out that Jon actually sent me the audio file very quickly, so it’s all my fault that it took until now for it to be posted.

Original comments…

Jon Solomon: The following photograph is from the trip Maura and I took to the Phillies game on Friday night:

nice. face.

Dan: As I told Maura when she showed me that picture, I hope you guys didn’t let him anywhere near your arm.

Also, little-known fact: Dallas Green and I share the same dentist (well, the same dentist he had when he was in NY 10 years ago, at least. I assume he doesn’t travel to see Dr. Kohn like I do).

Jason: Wow, it was just like listening to the good ol’ days of WNUR at 3 in the morning.

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