Ride ’em, Cowboy!

Work has continued being busier than I’d like, so there’s just this today, from an article on the Cardinals in Sports Illustrated:

“On Sept. 20, after a 7-4 victory over Milwaukee clinched the NL Central title, La Russa cut himself and his charges loose, romping around the visitors’ clubhouse at Miller Park soaked in champagne and beer. When King gave him an impromptu ice bath from a plastic wastebasket, La Russa, easily 75 pounds lighter than King, chased the reliever around the clubhouse, leaping on top of him and riding him piggyback, fists pumping in the air.”

Wild weekend of baseball coming up.

Original comments…

Dan: Where was John Mabry throughout all this?

Jim: He was scoring dope for a teammate!

Ha ha! Sorry.

Happy baseball-related birthday to me

A couple posts ago, unhealthy I alluded to the fact that it was my birthday last week. Yes, help I turned 30 on September 22nd. To mark the occasion, my grandfather sent me this card, which he made using his computer. The front…

And the inside…

(Yes, Levi, it says the correct “James H.” Deal with it.)

Original comments…

Levi: Does that mean your middle name is really “Hiberius”?