Baseball is all about statistics

Since it’s July 1st, here are some highlights of the June statistics for this site…

  • The busiest day was June 1st. The second-busiest day in terms of requests for pages was June 7th, but the second-busiest day in terms of actual page views was June 3rd.
  • Tuesday was the busiest day of the week, followed by Wednesday, and then Monday and Thursday running neck and neck.
  • The busiest hour was 10:00-11:00 A.M. Central time, followed closely by 7:00-8:00 A.M. There is a dramatic dropoff after the 2:00-3:00 P.M. hour.
  • leads the list of organizations visiting the site…specifically,, which I assume is the computer in Levi’s office. It’s pretty far ahead of (me at home). Other Chicagoans are visiting the site via and, and I assume a lot of the traffic is emanating from Chicago as well.
  • Apparently, we were mentioned on the forums at, but I can’t figure out where.
  • Most frequent search used to find the site: “” You know, you can just type that into your browser somewhere to find the site. Or maybe you like using Google as an intermediary.
  • Other frequent searches: “steve kline tony larussa,” “nolan ryan 235 pitches,” “baseball jingles,” “baseball activities,” “ipod freezes,” and, of course, “gary pappas shaves head.”
  • And it didn’t show up on the monthly report because only one person used these search terms, but I think it’s my favorite search of June: “how much does kirsten storms weigh.” Less than me, I’m guessing!

Original comments…

Levi: It’s not that I obsessively check this page. It’s that I have assigned my assistant, as about 70% of her duties, to obsessively check it and write up reports for me.

Jim: Also, you can’t really access the site anywhere but your office (unless you take your laptop, um, “warwalking”), whereas I can access it from my office, from home, and probably from my cell phone if I’m willing to pay 25 cents a minute. And I get new comments e-mailed to me, so I only have to check the site if I can’t figure out the context of a comment (e.g., when I get an e-mail that tells me nothing but that Steve said “You’re a regular Charlie Lau or whatever the hell that guy’s name is.”

As long as I had the scanner running…

I don’t have enough outlets, so every time I want to plug in my scanner, I have to unplug my electric pencil sharpener. (Actually, I would have enough outlets if I didn’t have so many items that had a gigantic transformer brick attached to the plug, including the scanner.)

Anyway, the result is this list of all the regular-season major league baseball games I’ve ever been to, complete with scans of the ticket stubs. The list, I’m sure, pales by comparison to Levi’s.

Black water, keep on rolling

I’m not sure if I’m going to have room on my iPod for any additional Johnny Cash songs beyond the handful I have (“Ring of Fire,” “Folsom Prison Blues,” and a couple others). This purveyor of radio station jingles has a special this month: a “grab bag” of nine random CDs for $99, which was a deal I couldn’t pass up, since those CDs are normally priced at $39(!). It won’t be such a good deal if I end up with duplicates of CDs of theirs that I already own, but still…

Anyway, the comments should be functioning properly now, thanks to some remote troubleshooting by Sandy. We lost one comment in the process, unfortunately, so perhaps the person who posted said comment would like to repost her words of wisdom.

Original comments…

Dan: If you don’t want Cash overload, yet still want to appease Levi, just bring along the Waco Brothers’ fine cover of Big River — it’s on Cowboy in Flames, which you should own, anyway.

Go Mets!


Jim: Yeah, there’s a lot of music I should own but don’t. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be able to drink that much Pepsi between now and April 30th.

The real reason the blog moved

Suddenly, this blog has become a 2-way communication, much like an argument between a manager and an umpire. You, the readers, now have the ability to make comments on any or all of the posts. However, you do not have the ability to kick dirt on us.

Edited later to add: Hmm, something’s not quite right, since there’s been at least one comment added to this entry, but it still shows “0 comments.” But I swear, the comments are there.

Original comments…

maura: break up the tigers!

We have a blog (in a new location)

Much like the Washington Senators moving to Minnesota, or perhaps Texas…we have now indeed moved to We’re no longer beholden to any sponsors, so there are no longer ads taking up space at the top of the page.

The time stamps on the posts are now Central time, which seems to make slightly more sense.

And for those of you who know what this means and what to do about it: we have a site feed.

No wonder they won five Pulitzers

Levi, you may be pleased to note that Johnny Damon made the L.A. Times sports section’s daily “Quotebook” feature at the upper left of page D2, complete with photo. To quote the quote: “‘[General Manager] Theo [Epstein] told me I can keep it. I don’t think we want to compare ourselves to the Yankees. We’ll do everything the opposite of what they do.’ — Johnny Damon, Boston Red Sox outfielder, on his long hair and beard, which is not allowed by Yankee management”

In other news, the location of this blog will be moving soon. More details later.