The other shoe, or cleat, drops

Over the winter, new expensive seats were added at Dodger Stadium by reducing the size of foul territory and moving the dugouts forward. This is fine, except that there’s apparently a city ordinance that limits Dodger Stadium capacity to 56,000, so some of the cheap seats are no longer for sale (they’re going to be covered with tarps).

Predictably, there was a column in Sunday’s Los Angeles Times about a man who’s had four front-row seats at Dodger Stadium since it opened in 1962, who was offered the chance to move forward to the new front row at a substantially higher cost ($120,000 versus $20,000). He turned it down, so now his seats are in the fifth row, and he’s “protesting” by not attending Opening Day. I find it a little hard to feel sad for someone who can afford $20,000 for Dodgers season tickets; what about people who are going to be shut out of the cheap seats for popular games because there are fewer of those available? (Granted, those are harder for columnists to find on a deadline.)