I heart the base mike

In last night’s Cards/Giants game, the last game before the dreaded All-Star Break, the 2nd-base mike caught a great bit of conversation among Lance (Son of Joe) Niekro, umpire Tom Hallion, and Mark Grudzielanek.

Niekro attempted a steal of second, and as Grudzielanek applied the tag, the pair got all tangled up, with legs and arms jumbled everywhere and Niekro’s head getting intimately acquainted with Grudzie’s crotch. They took several seconds to unravel (It reminded me of the way NFL refs pull guys one by one off a pile.), then Niekro said to the ump, “Was I out?”

“Yeah,” Hallion replied.

“Shit,” said Niekro.

“After all that,” said Grudzielanek.

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