Games Brian Giles plays

1) Baseball

2) Touch Marquis Grissom Before He Gets to the Dugout

I knew about #1 from his All-Star appearances, his playoff appearance against the Cardinals this year, and his thousands of home runs against the Cardinals and Cubs in recent years.

But I didn’t know a thing about #2 until Viva El Birdos, in the midst of talking about the possibility of Giles becoming a Cardinal, pointed out that he’s clearly a goofball. From Gaslamp Ball:

“Announcer Tom Hamilton once remarked that when the Tribe defense leaves the field, Grissom would run like a madman for the dugout. Why? Grissom was trying to avoid a little game that Giles played: ‘Touch Marquis Grissom before he gets to the dugout.’ Grissom wanted no part of that, and I can see why after Giles presented Marquis’s birthday cake to him in the nude. Hamilton said, ‘Yes, folks, in the clubhouse, Giles presented the cake to Grissom wearing only his birthday suit…and that’s all I can say on the air.'”

Morganna the Kissing Bandit used to play a similar game, but I’m pretty sure she never tried it with Marquis Grissom.

Don’t you think Morganna ought to have a page? It could list her successful kisses and such.

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