Mickey me? Mickey you

At the Sherman Oaks post office yesterday in need of stamps and with only $20 bills in the way of cash (so I didn’t want to use the machine and get 12 dollar coins in change), I spent my time in line trying to decide between the baseball stamps (featuring Hank Greenberg, Mel Ott, Roy Campanella, and Mickey Mantle) and the superheroes stamps (featuring Green Arrow and Hawkman). Since I’m posting about it here, I think you can tell what my ultimate choice was. I highly recommend them, unless you’re like Levi and live near a horrible post office where the counter clerk would probably spit on the stamps before handing them to you as retribution for making them dig around in their drawer.

(Actually, the superhero stamps are pretty cool, too, but perhaps whoever runs Superhero-Related Program Activities can be the one to buy them.)