Finlayson for your life

Way back on May 31, 2004, I made reference to Larry Finlayson, singer of the “Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown” theme song. Courtesy of someone who recently found that post, I now have more information about him:

He was my teacher in elementary school in Berkeley, California. I happen to be recording his LP from 1979 to MP3 right now. It’s called, “Give Your Friend A Smile…”. It was recorded at the Music Annex under the name of Finlayson Music Production in 1979. Larry was/is indeed a songwriter and played the guitar in this album.

With those pieces of additional information in hand, a quick Yahoo! search reveals that he’s using a different name these days. And he’s available for weddings! I’d consider hiring him if the “Race for Your Life” theme is still a part of his repertoire, assuming I ever have a wedding.

2 thoughts on “Finlayson for your life”

  1. I remember Mr Finlayson, no one could break guitar strings quite like he could. Do you remember any of the other songs we sang with him? I was thinking it would be fun to sing them today.

    I remember “You’ve got a friend”, but it’s been so long and those songs are not really on the radio much anymore… I’m pretty sure they were 60’s & 70’s tunes, maybe some Woody Guthrie, but not sure. He also taught music to my class in kindergarten. 🙂

  2. I have very vivid memories of Larry Finlayson leading the “glee club” at Franklin Elementary School in Berkeley, CA sometime between 1968 and 1970. We were a rainbow of kids, dressed in dashikis (SP?)belting out gospel and songs of liberation…Down by the Riverside…Amen…

    One afternoon we sang in front of City Hall for the City Council.

    He was a wonderful choir director.

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