Finlayson for your life

Way back on May 31, 2004, I made reference to Larry Finlayson, singer of the “Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown” theme song. Courtesy of someone who recently found that post, I now have more information about him:

He was my teacher in elementary school in Berkeley, California. I happen to be recording his LP from 1979 to MP3 right now. It’s called, “Give Your Friend A Smile…”. It was recorded at the Music Annex under the name of Finlayson Music Production in 1979. Larry was/is indeed a songwriter and played the guitar in this album.

With those pieces of additional information in hand, a quick Yahoo! search reveals that he’s using a different name these days. And he’s available for weddings! I’d consider hiring him if the “Race for Your Life” theme is still a part of his repertoire, assuming I ever have a wedding.