Music to watch the playoffs by

At last, some musical content that’s more on-topic than the Larry Finlayson update.

I haven’t been keeping up very well with the baseball songs page (although I’m planning to update it as part of a renovation of both and my personal site, hopefully by the end of the year if I get around to it). But it’s there, and its content is able to be searched, which is how I recently heard from a musician named Howie Newman.

In 1979, he recorded an EP of five original baseball songs called “Baseball’s Greatest Hits” — about a decade before Rhino ripped off the name for their compilation — which is available both through iTunes and in the popular “compact disc” format.

He also has a couple of other original baseball songs on two more recent releases, also available via iTunes. And he has two baseball songs available as free downloads. One is off “Baseball’s Greatest Hits” and is called “Astroturf.” The other is more recent and is called — well, I don’t want to totally give away the surprise, so I’ll just say that my collection of baseball songs now includes musical mentions of Joe DiMaggio, Ozzie Smith, and Johnny Damon.