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Oh, no — oh, yes!

Guess I should say a few words about Matt Garza’s no-hitter last night, which I watched in its entirety on ESPN. Hopefully there won’t be any claims that the no-hitter wasn’t all that impressive because it came against the beset-by-injury Tigers. The play that really “saved” it was a running catch by right fielder Ben Zobrist in the third inning. On our trip, we saw him make a similar catch, when he was playing center

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field on July 2nd — Levi put “8!” on his scoresheet, so you can tell it was good. To our Mets-fan hangers-on, who have been waiting for a no-hitter since before they were born: sorry. But, hey, there are still two months left in this Year of the Pitcher.

2 comments to Oh, no — oh, yes!

  • Garza said the next day that his 8-year-old son had previously commented about an ineffective start against Florida, “You suck! Seven runs in one inning? I could do that well!” So after the no-hitter Garza called his son and said, “Nine innings! No hits! Who sucks now?”

    Replied his son: “You’re still not an All-Star.”

  • Aren’t you glad I don’t talk to my father that way?

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