Another baseball song

I’m now 3-for-3 on winning iTunes from 20-ounce Pepsis purchased at 7-Eleven. I’d buy more if it weren’t actually uneconomical (they cost $1.23 including the “CA Cash Refund” value), considering I wouldn’t be buying 20-ounce Pepsis if it weren’t for the fleeting fun of this iTunes contest.

Anyway, the song I purchased this time was Jonathan Richman’s “Walter Johnson,” with typically Jonathan Richman-esque lyrics…

All through baseball
He was loved and respected
Was there bitterness in Walter Johnson?
Well, it was never detected

I have seven more baseball songs I’d like to download from iTunes, but I probably won’t be buying any more Pepsi between now and April 30th, the last day to redeem the codes for free songs (i.e., I won’t be buying any more Pepsi unless they run another contest like this, because I like Coke better). If anyone has any leftover codes and has run out of songs they like, feel free to send them along.

Original comments…

sandor: See, if I had my act together, I’d already have built you the addition to this site that would let thankful readers (like myself) donate funds to your trip in any form they like, but preferrably gasoline credits, Pepsi bottlecaps or iTunes Store gift certificates. I’ll get right on that. In the meanwhile, I’ll send 99 cents your way through the iTMS.

sandor: Well, poop. The iTMS only allows gift certificates in increments of $10. The problem isn’t whether I’m willing to donate 10 songs to the cause, which I of course am, but that those sneaky fuckers at Apple will be pocketing the extra 10 cents. Sniff sniff… is that salami I smell?

Jim: Apple wouldn’t pocket the extra 10 cents…the entire $10 would go into my iTunes account, so I would effectively get 11 songs for a total cost to me of 89 cents. Or a full album plus one extra song for 98 cents.

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