And speaking of music

To give you a sample of the famous “Baseball-Related” iPod playlist, I’ve uploaded MP3 files of some of the radio station jingles included on it. There are links to them within the list on the Baseball Songs page. You probably haven’t heard these unless you were in the car with us (we didn’t play any of them on Maura’s show, because they mention — gasp — other radio stations).

If you only listen to one of them, make sure it’s “The Pirates Are What We’re All About” (from KDKA, Pittsburgh, 1980).

Original comments…

Toby: Awesome!!!

It’s like I’m 9 years old again, watching “Pops,” “The Cobra,” Omar Moreno, Tim Foli, “Scrap Iron,” Lee Lacy, Bill Madlock, Mike Easler, Ed Ott and Kent Tekulve all over again.

Thanks for the pleasant blast from the past.

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