Election, shmelection

Time for something really important: an allusion to Johnny Damon in today’s “Get Fuzzy.”

Original comments…

Toby: Hilarious, Jim! Thanks for posting it. Levi, are you going to stay in a depressed state forever? Come on, snap out of it. Post something! Gold gloves, new managers, free agents, your picks for MVP, Cy Young… something!!

Jim: The current state of syndicated newspaper comics amazes me, because back when I was a kid and studied up on such things because I had dreams of being a cartoonist, it was always “you have to work eight weeks ahead, although maybe the syndicate will let you get away with six if you’re a big name.” But now because of all the speed-ups in the production and distribution processes, a cartoonist can work only a week and a half ahead. (The Yankees lost on Wednesday, October 20th, and this week of strips about them losing started on Monday, November 1st.)

Levi: No–it’s not baseball depression that’s keeping me from posting. It’s my heavy workload right now. That should lighten up tomorrow just enough for me to post, then get busy again for about a week, then lighten a bit through the end of the month. So I’ll be with it again soon. I’ve enjoyed this forum with Jim and you all way too much to let it die in the offseason. We may have to change the name to reflect the new season, but there’s no reason not to keep at it.

Jason: Speaking of comic strips, I just purchased “The Complete Peanuts: 1953-1954”. Are they still only going to come out with 2 per year? At that rate, I won’t be able to collect ’em all, since there won’t be any Social Security money left.

Levi: Was that Jason Kaifesh, or Andy Rooney? Seriously. Read his comment in your Andy Rooney voice and see how appropriate it sounds.

Hell, read everything in your Andy Rooney voice. It’s good for you.

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