Opening Day: Hour 9

6:09 — The last instruction on the packet of McCormick taco seasoning is “Serve with toppings, if desired.” I’m sure there are people who don’t desire toppings on their tacos, but I don’t think I want to meet them.
6:10 — Hey, I got a message from DirecTV: “Stop writing about our negotiations with SportsNet New York.”
6:11 — No, seriously, it’s promoting the fact that their phone system is now an interactive voice response system. Good thing I call them so rarely.
6:12 — Meanwhile, the Astros have the bases loaded in the bottom of the seventh.
6:20 — I forgot — I generally desire to put in the lettuce first and then the cheese, but I did it backward. These tacos are ruined!
6:21 — Something must have happened while I was busying myself with taco preparation, because the Astros now have a 1-0 lead.
6:24 — I swear the announcer says the Giants are putting Jeremy Pardo into the game, and I try to think of a couple good jokes relating to “Saturday Night Live” (as opposed to good “Saturday Night Live” jokes, which are few and far between), but it turns out his name is actually Jeremy Accardo.
6:25 — One of the Astros announcers says that the Rockies are leading the Diamondbacks 3-2 in the 11th. That game ended two hours ago. Apparently, during the offseason, someone has forgotten what it means if you get a score update showing the home team leading in the ninth inning or later, even if it doesn’t expressly say “final.”
6:38 — It ends in a double play in Houston: Astros 1, Marlins 0.
6:39 — Meanwhile, it’s likely Barry Bonds’s last at-bat of the day in San Diego, and he’s out 4-3 (the second baseman playing very deep). No home runs for Barry today!
6:40 — Moises Alou drops a double into center field, just out of reach for Dave Roberts.
6:42 — Pedro Feliz is out 6-3, it’s Padres 6, Giants 1, and I’ve got no baseball to watch for the next 18 minutes! I’ll see you on the other side…

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