Jeff and Bil Keane, baseball strategists

Credit for the Dodgers’ win over the Diamondbacks last night is

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being given to the fact that Nomar Garciaparra got hit by three pitches (with Russell Martin getting hit once for good measure). Guess they shouldn’t have dodged!

Other comic-strip strategies to be adopted soon by the Dodgers include the “Cathy” strategy (annoy the other team by continually asking, “Do I look fat in this uniform?”), the “Sally Forth” strategy (psych out the other team by keeping a smug expression on your face no matter what), and the “Mallard Fillmore” strategy (“Oh, sorry, I was just waiting for the howls of protest from all the Hollywood liberals in the crowd here at Dodger Stadium”).

Good thing the Cubs didn’t make the playoffs

Nomar Garciaparra has had plenty of time to

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hang around at home just in case someone falls into Boston Harbor.