We could be sleeping in the flowers

I now know what I’m going to be doing the night before leaving on this trip: seeing They Might Be Giants at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip. I only wish this had more to do with baseball; unless I’m forgetting a track, I don’t think they’ve got a baseball-related song as a group. With his solo side project Mono Puff, John Flansburgh has a song called “What Bothers the Spaceman?” about Bill “Spaceman” Lee, which I may or may not have mentioned here. (Yes, it’s in the baseball song collection on my iPod.)

By the way, Jason Kaifesh suggests that some kind of “farewell dinner” get-together should be held in Chicago before the trip, on the evening of Friday, August 20th. Sounds like a good idea to me, especially if I don’t have to plan it from afar. What do you think, Levi (or others)?

Original comments:

Jim: Thought of a semi-baseball-related lyric, from “Purple Toupee,” off the “Lincoln” album: “I shouted out, ‘Free the Expo 67!'” The Montreal Expos were named after Expo 67. I can already predict that they are not going to play that song at the House of Blues.

thatbob: Are you taking odds?