Redbirds, white smoke

Hey, Levi, are you enjoying the fact that, so far this baseball season, there’s been so much talk about Cardinals? Why, they’ve been getting a ton of coverage on cable news channels, not just ESPN!

Original comments…

Becky: I can’t wait to see which one is going to the Pope. And will they let him do it from STL, or will the whole team have to relocate to the Vatican?

Pujols for Pope!

levi’s help-mate: silly becky, the new pope will undoubtedly be from the more enlightened world of japan. check out what they are doing with cell phones!

Becky: I would like it if they showed your strat-o-matic games on your little phone cartoon

Jason: Cardinal Fang! Get…..THE COMFY CHAIR!!!!!!

Cardinal Fang: Yes sir.