Opening Day: Hour 6

3:00 — No game starting this hour.
3:05 — What looks like dust is getting in the way of the centerfield camera on the Tigers-Royals game, but it may well be mist from the outfield fountain.
3:10 — For the last 10 minutes, a vehicle on the street in front of my apartment building has been occasionally honking its horn, as if the driver is waiting for someone who has not arrived at the vehicle yet. Doesn’t everyone have cell phones now that they can use instead of a horn?
3:18 — One of my neighbors yelled, “Lay off the horn!” This is slightly more interesting than the Dodgers game, in which the Braves are now leading 10-5.
3:20 — The vehicle with the horn is gone. The yelling worked!
3:26 — Every year about this time, I get some kosher-for-Passover Coca-Cola, and every year I forget that because I’m used to regular Coke sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup, the kosher Coke sweetened with sucrose has what I perceive to be a weird aftertaste. Also, it’s foamier than regular Coke.
3:28 — Oh, yeah, it was Cardinals 13, Phillies 5. 3 runs fewer than the Cubs!
3:34 — The Angels were leading 3-0 at one point, but now the Mariners have tied things up in the bottom of the 5th.
3:43 — Attendance at today’s Dodgers game is announced as 56,000, which happens to be the exact capacity of Dodger Stadium. Hmm… According to Vin Scully, it’s never been that high for a regular-season game before. (But I happen to know it’s been higher for postseason games, which is a neat trick.)
3:44 — Many of those 56,000 have already left, and even more start to stream out after Ryan “Islets of” Langerhans puts the Braves up 11-5 with a solo home run.
3:47 — I really haven’t been paying attention to this one, since it’s the other game not available in DirecTV’s MLB Extra Innings package today, but I happen to see on the Dodger Stadium out-of-town scoreboard that the Diamondbacks and Rockies are tied at 2 in the 10th inning. Only 2 runs apiece at Coors Field? They must have lowered its altitude during the off-season.
3:49 — Speaking of which, I take a quick look at this webcam — looks like the new Busch Stadium is all ready to go for its opening game a week from today.
3:54 — Wow, the Royals seem to be entirely composed of people I remember from other teams — one of them, Reggie Sanders, grounds into a 6-3 play, and the game goes final as Tigers 3, Royals 1.
3:57 — Olmedo Saenz of the Dodgers pretends to have been hit by a pitch. No one is fooled, but the ploy apparently rattles Braves pitcher Blaine Moyer enough that Saenz hits a 2-run single after

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heading back home. Now the Dodgers are only down 11-7.

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