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2014 predictions

The notes about this site at the beginning of the 2013 predictions post are still applicable.

Once again, Sports Illustrated has picked the Rays to win the AL East. Noooo, that’s the kiss of death!

Their World Series matchup is A’s vs. Nationals, with the Nationals winning. I’ll believe it when I see it.

Sports Illustrated prediction prediction

AL […]

The 2013 predictions in review

As if you needed another reminder of how surprising the Red Sox’s 2013 season was.

Sports Illustrated
Actual Results

AL East

1. Tampa Bay Rays (92-70)
1. N.Y. Yankees (96-66)
1. Boston Red Sox (97-65)

2. Toronto Blue Jays (91-71)
2. Tampa Bay Rays (90-72)
2. Tampa Bay Rays (92-71)

3. N.Y. Yankees (82-80)
3. Baltimore Orioles (85-77)
3. Baltimore Orioles (85-77)

3. Baltimore Orioles (82-80)
4. Boston Red […]

2013 predictions

Before I get to the predictions, a few updates and reminders about this site:

For long-form blogging from Levi, look to I’ve Been Reading Lately, where he expounds about the books he reads.
Levi also tweets at @levistahl on occasion — and sometimes he even mentions baseball.
I tweet at @trainman74, more frequently than Levi does — and, […]

The 2012 predictions in review

Still alive.

As usual, to remind you of what happened last year, here are our mathematics-based predictions and Sports Illustrated’s expertise-based predictions compared to the actual results of the 2012 MLB season.

Very obvious that the Orioles and the Nationals beat expectations (and the Red Sox did…not). If it’s possible to be proud of my ability to […]

2012 predictions

First of all, I’d say the Cardinals have found their replacement for Albert Pujols!

I’m currently out of work, which would have allowed me to sit in front of the TV on Opening Day and live-tweet, as I did in some past years (even before Twitter was invented) — but instead, I’m going to be in […]

The 2011 predictions in review

And here’s what has become the entire raison d’ĂȘtre of this site’s existence, in which we compare the Sports Illustrated projections and our own mathematical formula projections with the actual results.

As you can see, neither we nor SI predicted the Diamondbacks doing as well as they did, nor the Twins doing so poorly. Please note […]

2011 predictions

Oh, it’s this thing again. The Sports Illustrated picks, and our ridiculous mathematical picks. SI didn’t include a Player to Watch feature this year, which is good, because it means I don’t have to write 30 stupid jokes about baseball players’ names.

Actually, I do have one legitimate Player to Watch: Evan Longoria, now that we […]

The 2010 predictions in review

Once again, it’s time to look back and see how two entities did with their predictions for the 2010 season: Sports Illustrated, with their decades of baseball expertise, and this website, with a simple formula I have from an old Bill James Abstract and a deep desire to make fun of baseball players’ names.

In the […]

The 2010 predictions

Hey, the baseball season starts tomorrow! Here are the 2010 predictions from both Sports Illustrated and a quick-and-dirty Bill James formula [(2009 wins*2)+(2008 wins)/3].

Sports Illustrated picked one Player To Watch for each team, so I’ve done the same. However, instead of actual analysis of each player’s strengths and what they bring to […]

The 2009 predictions in review

For those of you just tuning in, for the past couple of years, I’ve been comparing Sports Illustrated’s baseball preview issue’s predictions for the upcoming season with the predictions generated by a quick-and-dirty formula from an old Bill James Baseball Abstract that only takes previous season win totals into effect. Here’s what happened with […]