Today’s dialogue from "Tank McNamara"

Man #1: So that’s your new TiVo?
Man #2: By jumping past pitching changes and the commercial blocks between innings, you can watch a whole game and save almost an hour.
Man #1: What would I do with another hour? Look, I have these unwanted periods of consciousness. I use TV sports to get rid of them.

In other news, the Devil Rays have won a franchise record seven straight games, so clearly, Levi needs to go on vacation more often. Alternately, perhaps the Rays could be switched from the AL to the NL.

Original comments…

thatbob: What is a Tank McNamara? Is it related to the Simon and Garfunkel song?

Jim: There’s a Simon and Garfunkel song called “Tank McNamara”?

“Tank McNamara” is a sports-themed comic strip. The title character is a football player turned sportscaster, although many of the strips don’t include him at all, such as today’s. Many newspapers run it in the sports section instead of on the comics page, including the Tampa Tribune during the 1980s, which is where I first became aware of its existence.

thatbob: “Many newspapers run it in the sports section instead of on the comics page,”

In the sacred space customarily accorded to Gil Thorpe?!? For shame!

Epacris: That particular day’s strip is one of my top favourites.

(My all-time favourite is Calvin & Hobbes, 2nd June, 1983 aka ‘The Big Picture’)

I have TMcN on “My Yahoo” front page. Since I’m from Australia & (somewhat unusually) quite uninterested in sport, a lot of the strip doesn’t make much sense, but it can be quite fun about universal sporting foibles.

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