Maybe we should have picked the first or second itinerary options, because then we would have beat the Pennsylvania Turnpike toll increase that takes effect Sunday.

But at least we’re not going to be driving a vehicle weighing 100,001 pounds or more! I think our Pennsylvania Turnpike toll is going to be $16.25; the heaviest of trucks would pay $636.00 between the same two interchanges. Actually, based on my previous experiences, if that toll rate keeps a few trucks off the turnpike, it’s good, because driving between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh gets very tedious when you’re having to pass hundreds of trucks that are going very slowly up the hills.

Original comments…

Luke: Ah, fond memories of how Sandy and I decided to take the turnpike to get to Maryland. (Sorry the display is all munged up, and I can’t link to the precise post. It’s the fifth one.)

Jim: What was then a $6.50 toll (from the Ohio state line to Breezewood) is now $9.50.

I guess I can’t compare the I-79/I-68 routing to Three Rivers Stadium anymore, since I-79 and I-68 are still in existence. Perhaps someday they will be replaced by or supplemented with high-speed railroad corridors, which I will then be able to compare to PNC Park.

Speaking of your 2001 trip, have I ever mentioned that I bought a Nikon 990 digital camera based on the loveliness of the pictures from that trip (which, alas, seem to have disappeared from your site)? Sometimes I wish I’d bought something a little smaller, but I have to admit it takes lovely pictures. Of course, it’s way out of date now, much like my third-generation iPod that will also be making the trip. These kids today, with their 8-megapixel digital cameras and their click-wheel iPods…

Levi: If all goes well, I’ll next weekend (at my brother’s wedding) be getting my sister’s extra iPod (She got one, then her husband won one), passing mine along to Stacey, who has less need for thousands of songs at her fingertips daily.

I don’t know how big this one is, but it’s bigger than my 5-gig one, that’s for sure.

Jim: Won one by buying the 97,600,000th song (or whatever) from the iTunes Music Store? If so, awesome! If not, slightly less awesome, but still awesome! I can’t even remember now how many total songs I won from Pepsi bottlecaps. If it’s a third-generation iPod, it’ll work with the car charger I’m bringing, so there will be no need to worry about having to charge up the battery in order to listen to Jack Benny.

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