Filling up one of the iPods

Another eBay purchase arrived today: the S.F. Seals “Baseball Trilogy” EP, purchased for a mere $2.00 plus shipping. Add this to some heretofore undiscovered baseball-related songs that I recently purchased from the iTunes Music Store, and we’re going to have quite the “baseball music” playlist. Among those songs: a 1948 Pittsburgh-centered version of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame,” a song about Ozzie Smith called “The Wizard of Oz” (of course), Belle & Sebastian’s “Piazza, New York Catcher” (finally), and Christine Lavin’s “Ballad of a Ballgame” (which is technically about softball, but it’s an amusing enough song that I’ll give it a pass).

Original comments…

Cushie: I don’t know if you’ve seen Belle and Sebastian since the album with Piazza, New York Catcher came out. I saw them a few weeks ago and it turns out that song now has a call and response section.

This was in London, so you can’t really assume that the crowd knew all about Piazza, but when the line “Mike Piazza, New York Catcher, are you straight or are you gay?” rang out, the synchonized response, in time to the music was “Gay!” I was highly amused.

Cushie: PS. Can you post your baseball playlist? Could either do an iTunes Mix or export it from iTunes so we can see what you’ve found.

Dan: Jim — it’s a capella, but Jonathan Richman has a lovely little thing about Walter Johnson (called.. “Walter Johnson”) on, I think, “You Must Ask the Heart”

“All through baseball, he was loved and respected. Was there bitterness in Walter Johnson? Well, it was never expected”)

Jim: I’ve got that Jonathan Richman song already. I can’t turn down the request of someone named Cushie, so I’ll post the full baseball playlist in a bit. (I can’t do an iMix, because not all the items are on the iTunes Music Store.)

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