Anxiety about the trip already?

All right, enough about jingles. Last night (really this morning), I dreamed that I was at the Phillies game on this trip, and first I realized that I hadn’t done anything about the quality setting on my digital camera, so I was fooling around with that for a while. Finally, once I had matched up the space remaining on the memory card with the number of pictures I thought I’d be taking on the rest of the trip, it was time to settle in and watch the game…except that the seats were uncomfortable metal benches instead of regular stadium seats, and they didn’t slope enough so I had to crane my neck to see around the people in front of me, and the seats weren’t really facing the field, they were facing the scoreboard, which was a lot farther to the left than one might expect. Speaking of which, the scoreboard wasn’t working at first, and once it lit up, it listed the home team as “Padres,” so I thought, “They’ve got the wrong ‘P’ team listed.” Also, Levi and the other hangers-on weren’t around at the beginning of the game, so a family of four took their seats.

I woke up shortly after the game started, with the visiting team having hit a ball to left field that was just foul…at least, I think so, since I was having trouble seeing. Any amateur dream interpreters want to take a crack at this?

On another note, as I alluded to earlier in this blog, I will be visiting a place we’re bypassing on this trip and going to New York for a few days in July, planning on attending the Yankees-Devil Rays game on Thursday, July 8th. (No chance to see the Mets, or either of the two minor-league teams in New York City, unfortunately…the Brooklyn Cyclones and the Staten Island Yankees are playing each other that Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but I have to go up to Connecticut for a wedding, which is the justification for the trip.)

So here’s the real anxiety about the trip: why are there cheaper rooms available at well-known hotel chains in midtown Manhattan than there are in downtown Detroit? I’m going to assume the rooms are smaller and noiser on West 48th Street than they are on Gratiot Avenue, but still…

Original comments…

maura: wait, you’re going to see the rays?! maybe i can come along!!

Jim: Yes! I’ll be in touch.

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