Today’s baseball-related press release

CBS has a new drama coming this fall that’s baseball-related. Here’s their official description:

CLUBHOUSE (Tuesday, 9:00 PM) is a drama about a 16-year-old boy who becomes a man in a world of overgrown boys when he takes a job as a batboy for a professional baseball team. For the first time, Pete Young (Jeremy Sumpter) takes a risk – perhaps the only risk of his young life – when he applies for and lands his dream job as a batboy for the New York Empires. The problem is his single mom, Lynne (Mare Winningham), has no idea what he’s up to. Until now, he’s been the golden boy while his rebellious older sister, Betsy (Kirsten Storms), has always been in the doghouse. On the job, Pete becomes a part of a new family that includes Conrad Dean (Dean Cain), the team’s captain and star third baseman and one of the boy’s all-time idols who takes on the role of an older brother. Also, in the clubhouse is his boss, Lou Russo (Christopher Lloyd), a gruff but fair equipment manager who becomes a much-needed father figure; Rich (Marc Donato), a fellow batboy who just happens to be the general manager’s nephew; Carlos Tavares (John Ortiz), a rookie who believes that Pete is his good luck charm, and Jose Marquez (J.D. Pardo), the Empire’s territorial head batboy. Pete is over the moon at being a member of his favorite team, but he must still balance life at home and life in the big leagues as he faces the moral dilemmas and curve balls that life throws his way. Emmy Award-winners Aaron Spelling and E. Duke Vincent (“And The Band Played On,” “Day One”), Academy Award-winner Mel Gibson (“Braveheart”) and Bruce Davey (“The Passion of the Christ”), Daniel Cerone (“Charmed”) and Ken Topolsky (“Party of Five”) are the executive producers for Spelling Television.

Aaron Spelling! Mel Gibson! And it means I won’t have to look at Kirsten Storms on “Days of Our Lives” anymore! (Interesting that she’s the “rebellious older sister” on this show, since her character on “DOOL” is a goody two-shoes, younger than all of her half-siblings there.)

Original comments…

Levi: If only Boychick from San Pedro Beach Bums could be on the program. I wonder what he’s up to these days?

Jim: I seriously came very close to mentioning “San Pedro Beach Bums” in the original posting.

Looks like Boychick hasn’t done much with his career, to the extent that the only people he can get to submit information about him to the IMDB can’t spell “New Jersey” correctly.

But there is a connection: Stuf appeared in the “Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century” movies for the Disney Channel, which star Kirsten Storms as the title character, so maybe there’s hope for a guest-starring appearance for him on “Clubhouse.”

Jason: Anyone remember the short-lived Fox sitcom “Hardball”? At least, I think it was called Hardball. Anyway, it was a about a baseball team, the Pioneers, and all the wacky hijinks its players got into.

One of my favorite TV lines was said by Mike Starr, who later appeared as one of the mean toughs in ‘Dumb & Dumber’: “I love this guy! But not in the way you think. I want to have sex with him!”

It was so good, I used it in an episode of ‘Sucks to Yer Azmar’.

Eric J. Ritter: (*)(*)


Viveian: Kirsten Storms Rocks i canot wait to see her on CH!!~

Mike: Kristen Storen Storms is really HOT!!~

Jim: Is that you, Mike, my supervisor? Has closed-captioning “Days of Our Lives” finally driven you insane? We’ll talk when you get into the office.

Twice the baseball?

I’m surprised Levi didn’t mention this in the previous entry: that Cardinals-Pirates game that was rained out on Tuesday is most likely going to be made up as part of a doubleheader when the Pirates next visit St. Louis…which happens to be August 19th through 22nd, coinciding with our planned visit on the 22nd. So what are the odds they’ll choose to do a Sunday doubleheader, and we’ll get to see two games?

Original comments…

Levi: Have you worked up a doubleheader itinerary, in case every game we see ends up being a doubleheader? Can we make all the games if that happens?

And, on a side note, you do have a passport, right? Because I don’t think they let you into Canadia without one these days.

Jim: If every game ends up being a doubleheader? I don’t think that’s going to happen unless we get some “Day After Tomorrow”-style weather within the next couple of months but things clear up by mid-August. For now, the doubleheader plan involves getting up earlier and/or driving faster.

Yes, I have a passport. Don’t you have every post on this blog memorized?

Levi: I know it’s unlikely that every game would end up a doubleheader, but do you want to be caught short if that happens? What’s the only thing more impressive than ten games in ten cities in ten days? Why, it’s 20 games in 20 cities in ten days!

Jim: I think you mean 20 games in 10 cities in 10 days, unless you’re thinking the doubleheaders are going to be long enough that the home team is going to relocate between the two games. Which is a possibility for the Expos, I guess.